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Normally Internship is a pre job process where the student takes up it in their college/universities period. Students can do internships through paid or unpaid. Through the internship, students gain experience and practical knowledge in their field of choice. so that they do not face any problem in taking jobs. Ourr organization ADMISSION DIARY also helps in finding internship facilities for students.

Why Should Students Do an Internship in their college period ?

 There are many reasons for a student to do an internship.

Work Experience :  More and more companies choose candidates who have experience, due to which the fresher candidates have to face a lot of difficulties to get the job. Through the internship, the students get experience in their favorite field, because of this students can get jobs easily.

Practical Knowledge : when we are in colleges/universities we don’t have practical knowledge. Through the internship we can gain practical knowledge which we studied in the classroom.

Define Clear Career Goals : Many students are not aware of their interest when they are studying in college. The course they are studying might open different career paths making them confused of which one to choose. Through internships they can determine which subject better for them. Due to this, they can also assess themselves correctly.

Networking and Recommendation Letters: If you are doing Internship at an organization then you have an opportunity to explore your network and also you can connect with professionals who belong to a field of your interest.

College credit /Extra money : Another motive for doing internships is that many Colleges/universities have started out giving credit for doing an internship. They have made it mandatory for college students who enrolled. Students have to complete at least one or two internships as a part of their academic curriculum. Additionally, if you are able to secure for yourself a paid internship that means some more pocket money. You could easily cover out your journey expenses with that money.

When is the ideal time for pursuing an internship?

Searching from the employers perspective, companies hire interns round the year. you may determine on the satisfactory time with a view to do an internship depending on how long you want to intern or how much time do you need to spare on yourself. you may intern for a month, or 3, or six, or maybe a year. however it all relies upon your preferences. Doing an unpaid internship for a length of extra than three months won’t look like a good option.

How To Find An Internship?

Placement cells in lots of colleges additionally assist students with securing internships at reputed companies in the subject of interest.

There are many listing websites that provide internships in diverse organizations for students. ADMISSIONDIARY is also one of them.


There is no question that placement worries hover over the minds of final year college students because this is the first step of a professional career. With the cut-throat competition for jobs outside the university/colleges, many students have begun considering the campus placements because this is the satisfactory manner to get a job. Many final year college students trust that academic grades work principally in the campus interview procedure.However, the grades alone can not impress the recruiters. Nowadays, employers consider several things along with your grades, project work and internship. One has to stand out in certain characteristics to crack the campus placement

  • Leadership Quality
  • Discipline
  • Responsibility
  • Communication Skills
  • Body Language
  • Technical Skills

Equipping college students with applicable and conceptual expert talents and guiding them to a vivid future and career around the sector – with values of ‘honesty,’ ‘hard work’ and ‘ethics’.

The AdmissionDiary Placement Team is meant to guide the students in choosing the right career. Based on the recruitment of companies, we provide training, skill expertise and qualifications to the students which makes it easy for the students during company recruitment.

  • To assist students to develop their academic and career interests, and their short and long-term goals through individual counseling and group session
  • Gathering information about job fairs and all relevant recruitment advertisements.
  • Coordinating with companies to learn about their requirements and recruitment procedures
  • Identifying the needs and expectations of the companies to assist them in recruiting most suitable candidates.
  • Organizing pre-placement training/workshops/seminars for students.
  • Arranging periodic meetings with HR Department of companies
  • To assist students for Internship
  • To assist students in obtaining placement in reputed companies.

Training & Development:

maintaining in view the company necessities, the training curriculum is designed for preparing the candidates for access-level Graduate Trainees.

  • Personality Development
  • Communication Skills & Vocabulary
  • Resume Preparation & Email Writing
  • Group Discussion
  • Interview Skills
  • Aptitude Training & Practice Tests
  • Foreign Languages such as Japanese & German