Entrance Examination


Any entrance examination is the gateway of students. It is conducted by a national conducting body, state examination board or educational institute to select an eligible student for admission. Presently various entrance examinations are conducted for admission in engineering, medical,mba,law etc seats. The examinations are held at all india level,state level and university level and it varies from course to course and college to college.

Note:  The trend of entrance examination in India was started by the University of Calcutta, in 1857. The University organized the exam to impel the eligibility of the students for admission and only 1 in 4 students passed the exam.

Type of Entrance Examination in India

All india level entrance examination are conducted throughout country  by national conducting body and students from all over country can apply for it. The marks of the examination is considered by colleges/universities throughout the country.

Name of such examination are :


State level entrance examination is conducted by the State examination board throughout the state or nation. Applying for these examinations some states want domicile of the students.  Some states give few seats to the other state students for admission.

Name of state level examination :


College/university level examinations are held at national level. marks and ranks are only considered by university/college for admission

Name of Top university examination :


Mode of Entrance Examination in India :

Earlier the entrance examinations were paper based. But when digitalisation came in india the mode of entrance examination changed. There are popular three examination are held in india.

This is the oldest entrance examination method of India where students have to go to a specific centre and write the examination. Here students have to write answers on paper or fill OMR sheet.

CBT means computer based test. It is the most popular entrance examination method of India right now. Here the students have to go to a specific centre and attempt the examination on computer and give answers with the help of a mouse

Online mode of examination is trending everywhere. Here students can attempt examinations anywhere if they have a computer and internet facility.

Advantages of Entrance Exams

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